Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Secret to Networking for Business Success

The Secret to Networking for Business Success – Level Up

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It is often said that you are the average of your 5 closest friends. By extension, I would also argue that your net-worth is the average of your business network.

I am therefore always intrigued by friends and business acquaintances that relentlessly go out to “meet people”. They always come back with a stack of business cards with the foolish belief that they are on the path to success. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a snob. But mathematically speaking, meeting more people who are at the same level as you, does not raise your average. If anything, it brings it down.

I was once asked to join a leading business networking group. While the promise of more business contacts was exciting, I soon realized that they were all struggling business owners who were connected to more struggling business owners. I can hear some of you arguing that the wider your network, the higher your chance of getting your big break. Statistically, you are correct.

What I would say is that business success is about perception and this is where the adage of you need to “fake it to make it” comes in. Being part of a network of struggling business owners does not help. This is why I believe that to succeed in business networking, you need to level up. What you need is a network of people of influence who can connect you with other people of influence. So forget about joining business networking groups. Instead, join groups and clubs which the successful are already members of.

Successful business networking is all about quality, not quantity. With limited time in our days, spending your time building your relationship with 5 persons of influence will bring you greater results than spending your time building relationships with 50 struggling business owners.

In short, when networking for business success …. Level up.

Friday, December 22, 2017

My Experience as a Desperate Job Seeker ...

I was retrenched early this year and have been looking for a job since. I am not young and being rather senior in my industry, I must say that it is near impossible for someone like me to find a job. Companies would rather promote from within. I am just thankful that my bosses had the decency to retrench me after Chinese New Year.

Since my retrenchment, I literally sent out 5 resumes a day. That works out to about 200 job applications in the past 10 months and I only succeeded in getting 3 interviews. After each interview, I was left with the impression that the employers already had somebody in mind and that meeting candidates was just a show to let people know that they have found their “ideal’ candidate.
Puzzled, and desperate, I spoke with friends in the HR industry and they told me about the “hidden job market”.

We are all very familiar with the formal job market. In this market, a company has a vacancy and so HR creates a job description, posts an ad on the Internet, and receives a pile of resumes to fill the position. Unbeknownst to many (including myself), there is a hidden/ informal job market that works in parallel to the formal job market.

In the informal market, jobs are filled even before they are advertised - just like what I experienced during my 3 job interviews. What usually happens is that before a job is made public (and sometimes before it even exists), someone other than HR knows about it. It could be a new position being created due to restructuring, or a vacancy due to a colleague’s resignation. The HR department hasn’t even started recruiting, but your contact knows that you would be a perfect match for the role. As life is often not so much what you know but who you know, a referral from a contact within the company will put you at the front of the hiring line before there is even an official position available.

Job seekers can and must tap on the hidden job market to find unadvertised job openings. In fact, studies have shown that 60 to 70 percent of all jobs are found through the informal job market. Beyond sending resumes for jobs listed on job search and corporate websites, if you want a job (especially senior positions), it is time to get out there and network. Networking is what will give you a shot at finding a job.

Since I discovered the existence of the hidden job market a month ago, I have been busy meeting and making contacts. I am happy to say that it has paid off and I am scheduled to attend my third and final round of interview for a position that has yet to be advertised.

For those who are introverted and hate networking, start by joining less aggressive networking groups like www.IntrovertsNetwork.Asia. Chances are, your next job (or big break), will come from your social networks.

Remember, “your network is your net-worth”.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Introverts at Work: Sacked for being too quiet! WTF!

This is going to be a very sad Christmas for me. My company just completed their year-end assessment and my boss has informed me that the company has decided to let me go. She shared that it was a tough decision that she did not take lightly. She therefore took the extra step to speak with my supervisor and co-workers before deciding. 

In short, my boss said that everyone at the office found me a good worker but, unfortunately, they all said I was cold, aloof and not a team-player. My boss went on to explain that as a start-up, she needed everyone to be onboard not only pulling their own weight but also the weight of others.
I tried to explain that I have been misunderstood me. I was not all that they said I was. I was simply an introvert and in my own way, I have been adding to the team. 

I shared that my first strength is that I am a great listener. As I talk less, I observe more. I therefore easily pick-up on non-verbal cues and can detect discord in the team’s dynamics. I then quietly, in my own way, address the undercurrents to deflect potentially toxic situations.

My second strength is that I am also extremely well-prepared. As I am very uncomfortable with presentations, I work doubly hard to arm myself with all the necessary information. This over-preparedness has impressed many potential clients and has led to the closure of several big deals for the company.

Unfortunately, I don’t like or seek the limelight so much of my contributions are unseen. This weakness (if you can call it that) is also my third strength. Given my willingness to share credit, this makes me non-threatening to co-workers and I can get along with everyone.

My fourth strength is that I am focused. Being introverted, I do not like to socialize and I do things by myself. During office hours, I concentrate on getting my work done. I am told that in some companies, this laser focus on efficiency also inspires other employees to emulate that commitment in their own work.

Finally, my fifth strength is that I stay calm in tough situations. I dislike conflicts more than extroverts and will go out of my way to avoid them. As such, when tough situations arise, I stay calm and level-headed and try to find a win-win for all parties. This skill, I believe is a critical skill for managers as they need to objectively evaluate the situation and address it accordingly.

My boss said she did not realise all these strengths and she will review her decision. As a parting remark, she said given these strengths, all companies should hire introverts!

----- - We are a growing, quiet group of professionals and business owners who seek to connect with other introverts. We prefer small group conversations to larger events and always enjoy the one-to-one chats with each other in this group.

We want to learn how to better relate, network and interact not only with introverts but with extroverts too. But we are not in a rush to welcome extroverts to this group. While business is important, we feel that it’s more important for us to feel comfortable in an environment that allows us to be ourselves. It’s tough enough out there.

If you are an introvert or introverted and looking for a platform to network, you are welcome here. We schedule meetings twice monthly to cater to employees as well as entrepreneurs. We will talk about work, business, family or life experiences.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Online Course Singapore: Outcome Based Education and Quality Assurance in Teaching and Learning

Special Top Class Online Course for Teachers of Schools, Colleges and Universities on 'Outcome Based Education and Quality Assurance in Teaching and Learning' PIQC Institute of Quality - Center for Excellence in Quality; comprising of 20 Sections and 125 Micro-lectures.

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The course is by Dr. Kamran Moosa, an Award Winning Author, Quality Professional and Academician
Dr. Kamran Moosa specializes in Quality Assurance and Management.  He is a Quality Management & Performance Excellence consultant, auditor, academician and trainer with wide range of global experience in industrial, service and academic sectors. He is a Principal Lead Auditor for ISO 9000 QMS & Lead Instructor of IRCA (UK) QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor and other Certification Programs in Quality Assurance & Management and Lean Six Sigma.  He has diversified Consulting and auditing experience in many countries in corporate and educational sectors. He has authored 3 books and co-authored one, titled as: (1) Practical Guide to ISO 9000, (2) Quality Control (national award winner), (3) Quality Management Practices, and (4) a chapter in Quality Management in Asian and Pacific firms by APO Japan.  He is presently contributing in many national and international forums for the development of Quality and business excellence. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

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