Friday, January 31, 2014

Government Grants for Singapore SMEs - Workplace Health Promotion Grant (WHP)

WHAT is the Workplace Health Promotion Grant?
The Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Grant is a funding scheme offered by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). The Grant provides financial support to help organizations start and sustain their workplace health programmes.
WHO can apply for the Grant?
Any organization registered in Singapore with at least 5 paid employees can apply.
WHAT can the Grant Fund?
The Grant project covers 3 components: General Health, Targeted Interventions and Mental Health. The Grant may be utilized for a wide range of WHP services/activities including:
General Health
WHP Consultancy Services, Health Risk Assessment (Health Screening, Lifestyle & Health Practices Survey), Physical Activities, Training and Purchase of Health and Fitness Equipment

Targeted Interventions
Weight Management, Smoking Cessation and Chronic Disease Management Programmes

Mental Health
Mental Health Educational Activities (talks or workshops on mental wellbeing or mental illness), Employee Counseling, Workplace Mental Health Promotion Activities, Supervisor/ Manager Training in Mental Health Topics, Workplace Mental Health Consultancy Services
WHAT is the value of the Grant?
The total Grant quantum is $15,000. Grant quantum for each component is $5,000.
For more information on HPB's WHP programme, refer to this link ....
If you are keen to utilize the Government's grant for your company, allow SG Corporate Training to assist you. Contact our Principal Consultant via justin[a] for a non-obligatory consultation.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Business Strategy Formulation - Past Performance Does Not Gurantee Future Success!

Many organizations are stuck in the mental rut of using past performance to understand the future. These organizations consequently hold on to business strategies that advocate not changing what works. When an organization relies exclusively on the past to understand its future, such organizations lose their strategic perspective and with it, its ability to see (and adjust) to changes impacting it. Well known examples of such companies are Kodak, Nokia and, if you ask me, even post-Steve Apple Inc.
The common business strategy adopted by these organizations is known as the Defend Strategy. Using this strategy, these organization' 'foci is on becoming more efficient in what they do. On a daily basis, the organization's management constantly seeks to do what they are doing cheaper, faster and better. Change, if there is any, comes in the form of product line extensions (to prolong what was previously done successfully). The main KPIs of managers in such an organization is to avoid mistakes. The longer an organization uses the Defend Strategy, the harder it becomes for them to re-invent themselves.
SG Corporate Training has a team of experienced facilitators who are able to guide a company through this "reengineering" process. Using a "blue ocean framework", the team will guide the organization in (a) identifying trends; (b) recognizing strengths and weaknesses; and (c) discovering opportunities and threats. The end product is a strategy map that will guide the organization in their way ahead. This framework has been successfully used to help numerous small and medium businesses (SMB), non-profit organizations and government agencies successfully re-invent themselves.
To engage our team to help you create relevance and growth in your organization, contact our principal consultant justin[a] for a confidential discussion.

Monday, January 27, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Why training is a company's competitive edge

As Singapore businesses start to restructure itself for the new economy, 2014 will see employee training become increasingly important for a company to build and maintain its competitive edge.
This is because the competitive edge of the new economy is no longer manufacturing biased (i.e. cheap, faster, better), but the ability of the company to rapidly identify gaps and adapt to the changing market place.
To do this effectively, every employee in the company must now be a thinking employee. Employees must be able to (a) more effectively use and manage resources; (b) be able to think outside the box; and (c) be able to lead others and manage themselves.
Corporate training courses in the areas of critical thinking, networking skills, project management, strategic leadership, management skills, presentation skills, and even personal effectiveness are no longer "good to haves" but "must haves" for all employees.
In short, Singapore companies that invest in their employees' training will successfully make the transition and grow, while those that are reluctant to send their employees for courses will fail.
For more information on the short corporate courses available via SG Corporate Training, email justin[a]

Friday, January 24, 2014

SG Corporate Training: IMPACT 2014 (February 20-22, 2014) is now open for registration!

Public Service Announcement

If you are a Christian parent and want to equip your child to: (a) help shape the future through authentic leadership and cultural communication; and (b) and develop their skills in areas of leadership, organization, teamwork, poise under pressure, adaptability, and connecting with people from all walks of life, this is the conference you'll want to attend together with them.
For event information:
For registration: (you'll need to first create an account). Early bird discounts are available so register now!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SG Corporate Training: 1-Day Crisis Communications Training / Online Reputation Management Workshop

Social Media has radically changed the information environment in which businesses operate. Communications strategies that do not reflect the new information environment can create crisis of its on. This 1-Day crisis communications training workshop is designed for Manager and PR Professionals responsible for the online reputation of their companies and brand.

Who Should Attend

Managers and Senior managers entrusted to protect and build the reputations and brands of their company.

What They Will Learn

At the end of the 1-day workshop, participants will:
  • understand social media's impact on crisis communications
  • understand the nature of a crisis
  • identifying Stakeholder issues/ concerns
  • learn how to develop Themes and Messages
  • use frameworks to manage a crisis – Attribution Theory
  • use framework to manage negative blog postings or online Mentions – SCAER
  • understand the Singapore media environment and the Media's 'agendas'
  • learn how to deliver your message in a media interview
  • learn how to handle “sensitive” questions during a media interview

How They Will Learn

During the workshop, participants will be trained using:
  • Multi-media Presentation
  • Group discussions
  • Discussions
  • Practical (supported by video recording and play-back for debriefing and coaching where necessary)

Trainer's Profile

CW has extensive experience in the planning and execution of corporate/ crisis communications for the Singapore Armed Forces. In the span of his military career, CW has successfully led communication teams in major incidences and events, at both the national level and international levels, to protect the reputation of the Singapore Armed Forces and the Republic of Singapore.

Besides being trained and certified by the Institute of Public Relations Singapore (IPRS) in Public Relations and Mass Communications, CW graduated top of his class in the United States Army's Psychological Operations Course. An Associate Member of the IPRS, CW contributes to the Institute's newsletter on topics related to crisis communications.

As part of the US-based International Consortium for Organisational Resilience (ICOR) efforts to establish a base in Asia, CW is ICOR's only accredited trainer for the region. To stay current and professionally updated on developments in crisis communications, CW spends 20% of his time researching and writing on crisis communications for leading HR magazines, professional newsletters and his blog titled Crisis Communications in the Era of Social Media.

As the former Head of the Singapore Armed Force's Information Support Branch, CW was responsible for the training of selected military officers in crisis communications during military operations. During his tour of duty, CW has successfully trained in excess of 1,000 personnel.
To date, CW has taught participants from Shell Eastern Petroleum, Singapore Stock Exchange, Pet Lovers Centre, DSM, Symrise, National Health Group, Koh Brothers and numerous government agencies.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Corporate Training Jobs Available (Singapore)

Corporate Trainers Wanted! SG Corporate Training has immediate vacancies for freelance, part-time and full-time trainers in Singapore.
As a leading corporate training agency, SG Corporate Training works closely with the Human Resource and Training Managers of numerous companies to provide trainers to meet the personal and professional development of their employees.
We currently have vacancies for qualified trainers in the field of leadership, productivity, team-building, communucations, sales and image. If you are a trainer and would like to join our team, do send us your profile at justin[a]

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Short Courses in Singapore - Networking for Success

Think you don't need a short course on networking for success? Think again.
A senior corporate executive at a Singapore MNC, was quoted in a Sunday Times article saying how Singaporeans avoided networking with their bosses while their foreign colleagues seized the opportunities. He then went on to say that he was thus not surprised that his foreign colleagues were then promoted ahead of the Singaporean.
The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, there is often only a marginal difference in the quality of work between one employee and another. This is even more true the higher up the corporate ladder you climb. Thus, getting ahead is not so much how much you know or how well you do, but who knows you and what he thinks of you.
To learn how to network effectively, join SG Corporate Training's corporate networking workshop. The workshop teaches corporate executives the fine art of networking without being seen as a brown nose.
To sign up for this, or other short courses on corporate skills, email Justin(a)

SG Corporate Training: Short Courses in Singapore - Helping Others to Succeed (HOTS)

It is manifestly evident that instances of "Me-ism" outweigh that of "We-ism". This is despite the fact that most of us have been brought up believing that we are not able to succeed if we go it alone, that there is actually no such things as a “self-made person”.
SG Corporate Training is offering a short course on getting middle managers to start having the "H-O-T-S" for developing, establishing and sustaining collaborative work environments!  Our interactive workshop puts your organization's leaders in situations where they have no choice but to get to know each other well and work through scripted scenarios which gives them the opportunity to create a conducive and engaging workplace.
For more information on this, or other short courses on leadership, email us at justin(a)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Short Courses in Singapore - Social Media Awareness for Employees

On 18 December 2013, the Singapore Straits Times published a Bloomberg report that the Australian Fair Trade Commission has upheld the sacking of an employee over a critical Facebook posting. This not the first, and neither will it be the last.
As social media platforms become more ubiquitous, the line between expressing your personal view with friends (like over a cup of coffee) and being seen as speaking on behalf of your employer is being blurred. While many know about the reach of social media, many are still unaware of the dangers of ranting one's frustrations online.
The case as reported by Bloomberg can be seen as minor and ended only in the sacking of the employee without his employer facing a lawsuit from the affected client. To protect your organization, social media awareness training is no longer a luxury but a necessity.
To arrange a short course (in-house) for your employees, contact CW Fong & Associates via Justin[a]

SG Corporate Training: One-Stop Agency for Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators

SG Corporate Training has been established to provide HR Mangers and Training Managers with a one-stop agency for Singapore trainers, coaches and facilitators.
SG Corporate Training works with a large pool of in-house as well as associate trainers and we offer the most comprehensive source for corporate training course and workshops in Singapore. No training requirement is too small, too large or too out-of-the-box for us. As we carefully screen our pool of trainers, coaches and facilitators, HR and Training Managers can be assured of quality programmes conducted by true professionals in their chosen fields.

Operating as an Agency, HR and Training Managers can effectively "out-source" their training procurement requirement to us. SG Corporate Training will not only assist to shortlist potential trainers, but also assist in obtaining the required 3 quotations for procurement. The best part is that SG Corporate Training fees are paid by the trainers (in the form of assignment commissions) and it costs the HR and Training Managers nothing to use our services.
Contact our training consultant via email Justin[a]