Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Employee Wellness Programmes for Singapore SMEs

The best way for an employer to demonstrate their care and concern for their employees is to invest in the employees' well-being. Needless to say, a healthy work force is more productive and will definitely contribute to the overall performance of the organization. Similar to a soccer team that wishes to win the championship, the coach must not only train and stretch the players physically, he also has to take care of  the players mental well-being. In short, peak and sustainable physical performance is dependent on mental (and spiritual) health.
Our corporate training partner believes that being healthy is not just about KNOWING more health information, but about implementing and doing. As such, they focus on ensuring participants learn and understand. As an established training company specializing in wellness programmes, our training partner can provide your organization with the complete series of workshops and talks designed to impart health awareness as well as practical health techniques which your employees can apply. By emphasizing doing, we ensure that participants learn and internalize the knowledge taught. Our partner's strength is in their ability to make things simple and easy to practice.
To engage, or to find out more about, our employee wellness programmes, email justin[a] Qualified companies can also tap on the Workplace Health Promotion Grant (WHP) provided by the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

Friday, March 21, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Corporate Training Programmes for Singapore SMEs

In the information age, a business' competitive edge is its workforce and corporate training is the means by which successful companies achieve and maintain this edge. SG Corporate Training specializes in offering corporate training services aimed at developing the professional skills and strategic management capabilities of Singapore businesses.

SG Corporate Training's corporate training solutions covers the full spectrum of programmes and includes workshops, courses, training and coaching that is focused on improving individual performance and team performance. Specific areas which our pool of qualified trainers have extensive experience in are:
Strategic Counsel
Strategic Planning (Blue Ocean Framework)
Big Data
Business Intelligence/ Analytics
Crisis Communications
Sales and Marketing
PR and Branding
Social Media Marketing

Networking for Business
Leadership Development
Management Training for Junior and Middle Level Supervisors

Executive Coaching
Functional Skills
Corporate Communications
Selling Skills
Image and Personal Branding

Customer Service Excellence
Social Engineering
Business Language Training (Bahasa Indonesia)

Business Language Training (Chinese)
Team Effectiveness
Team Building (Indoor and Outdoor)
Team Building for a Multi-Generational Workforce
All of SG Corporate Training programmes are eligible for the IRAS' Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) and PIC Bonus.
Contact our Principal Consultant (Justin[a] for a non-obligatory training needs assessment. As a Corporate Training Agency, we are your one-stop source for all your organization's training needs.

SG Corporate Training: Leadership Training Courses for Junior and Middle Managers (Singapore)

In almost all Singapore organizations, employees are promoted to the position of supervisors and managers primarily based on their technical abilities. skills. Yet, countless studies have shown little, or no, correlation between technical competency and leadership abilities. In fact, many HR professionals will agree that employees "leave their bosses and not the company." It is thus surprising that many companies continue to ignore leadership training for their middle managers.

To help, the following is a leadership tip which all managers should know ...
The Feedback Loop
Did you know that the feedback you give can either create a positive self-reinforcing loop or a negative one? Did you also know that the type of feedback a supervisor gives depends on “how” they see their staff?
Reinforcement Loop
In many instances, workplace conflicts or tensions start because someone was not careful or conscious of what he said or did.  Such tensions impact an organization’s productivity as employees now work against each other in “revenge”.  What could simply have been done with a simple phone call now needs employees to draft long emails seeking support and permission from each other.  Economically, this can cost a company literally thousands in wasted man-hours per month.  Let us work with your team to identify past problems, put them in the proper perspective and then equip your management team with the skill-sets to prevent, and when necessary, resolve work place conflicts.
Contrary to what many will tell you, good managers are trained and not born.  Ask SG Corporate Training about our leadership courses for middle and junior managers

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Implementing an Effective Leadership Training Programme (Singapore)

Much has been written and said about the value of employee leadership training programmes. While there are many critics, there are just as many business owners and managers who would agree that employee leadership training is essential. After all, it is a well known and accepted fact that employees "leave their bosses and not the company."
The question is therefore not whether we should train our employees, but how to ensure that employee leadership training can be applied back in the office.
At SG Corporate Training, we believe that the actual training is only one part of the equation. For effective and lasting changes in behavior (which is ultimately what training aims to achieve) to take place, any form of employee leadership training must be done as part of a systems approach which also addresses group and organizational levels issues.
For example, in the case of leadership effectiveness training courses, while employees can be made to see the importance of good leadership and be taught the necessary skill sets to lead their team more effectively, the superior's support for the new approach must be present. Without "higher" management support, the newly trained leader is unlikely to have the necessary leeway to put into practice what he has been taught.
Additionally, if the organization's structure does not adjust to incentivize the desired leadership effectiveness approach, then the newly trained employee leader will see no tangible value in being a good leader. He will then very likely revert to his original (and often times less effective) way of leading his team.
It is thus SG Corporate Training's opinion that many companies are not getting the full value out of their employee leadership training as they do not adopt a systems approach. To maximize the value of employee training, besides the actual training of the employee, the systems and processes must also be adjusted to enable good leadership.
For a leadership training need assessment, email our Principal Consultant via justin[a] Depending on your requirements, SG Corporate Training will customized a leadership course for your management team.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

5 Facts Every Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Must Know about IRAS' Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) (Budget 2014)

Here are the 5 facts every Singapore Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) must know about IRAS' Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme as announced at Budget 2014 ...
Fact #1: Corporate Websites. The PIC has been expanded to cover the design and development of corporate websites (including the registration of domain names). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can also be claimed as part of this service.
Fact #2: PIC-Plus. The cap for Tax Deduction claims has been increased from $400,000 to $600,000 a year effective for Financial Years 2013 to 2017. This scheme is now called the PIC-Plus. Cash payouts remains capped at $100,000 per year
Fact #3: Third-Party Financing Legitimized. A new claim form has been introduced for all IT and automation equipment claims. This form does not allow the claiming of interest and other non-equipment claims like maintenance.
Fact #4: Non-Permanent Employees are now included. Effective from Financial Year 2013 to 2017, training expenses incurred for related, but non-permanent, company employees are now eligible for PIC claims.
Fact #5: PIC Bonus. The popular PIC Bonus continues without any changes or extensions. Under the PIC, employers will receive 100% cash payouts of up to $15,000 on top of their 60% to increase productivity. In effect, a qualifying company will receive 160% on every dollar they spend.
To know more about IRAS' Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) or how SG Corporate Training's courses (including CW Fong and Associates' social media marketing services) can increase your company's productivity, contact us via justin[a]

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SG Corporate Training: How Visual Business Analytics Helped a Singapore-based Airline Company Save Millions ...

Interview with Ms. Elaine Chong, Founder of the Institute of Business Analytics

Leading Business Analytics Trainer in SingaporeHaving tea with Ms. Elaine Chong, Founder of the Institute of Business Analytics (IBA), shortly after her 14 hours flight back from UK, London where she conducted her world renowned visual analytics courses, her eyes sparkled as she spoke passionately about the achievements of her past graduates. One success story she shared with us was how a graduate of the IBA's i3BAR programme managed to save her employer millions of dollars.

Elaine told SG Corporate Training that a young executive had chanced upon the i3BAR programme and felt that she wanted to learn how to make better use of the huge amounts of data she received on a daily basis. As part of her i3BAR course, the young executive had to find a workplace project. This was when she observed a regular phenomenon that occurs several times a day in the hangers of Singapore's many Maintenance, Repair and Operating (MRO) companies.

Whenever a plane lands, maintenance crews scramble to quickly service the plane and get it ready for departure. Due to wear and tear, parts will need to be serviced. So after the diagnostics are done, mechanics and aircraft technicians will get directions from the Senior Engineer on whether to repair or replace the parts. Generally speaking, replacements are faster and more expensive, while repairs are cheaper and take longer. This decision, unfortunately, is based on the experience of the Senior Engineer.
Recognizing the potential of "big data" to help the Senior Engineer make decisions better, faster and easier, the young executive set out to collate all the data for the last 10 years from average time of replacement and repair, exact cost from each supplier, the payment terms offered, and lead time from point of order to actual delivery. All this information was then formulated into a single excel spread sheet that provided insights for the Senior Engineer who now had analytics at his finger tips to enhance his decision making. By factoring in additional data points like payments, reliability and ease of installation, the new decisions the Senior Engineer made proved to be more cost effective for the airline. A subsequent management study of the impact of this one excel spreadsheet revealed savings of several million dollars a year.

In relating this story, Elaine is especially confident that IBA's 5-day workshop on Visual Analytics and i3BAR methodology can make a significant impact to the individual and their organizations. The value of the programme is demonstrated by the over 5,000 people trained, and the many organizations (in 10 countries) that have made it part of their corporate training curriculum.


The Institute of Business Analytics next course is scheduled for ...

Date: 24 to 28 March 2014
Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Location: Cliftons Singapore
               Level 11, Finexis Building
               108 Robinson Road
               Singapore 068900
Fees: $2,958(fully eligible for IRAS' PIC Bonus)

To Register, visit 2-Day Visual Analytics Course, 3-Day i3BAR Course or contact IBA at 61005538  or email


IBA comprises an international team of highly qualified professionals from diverse industries who train and consult organizations in transforming the way the world creates reports. The team brings 10 years of extensive management experience from the financial, commercial, education, government, military and non-profit sectors.  Our collective experience is extensive and encompasses auditing, financial analysis, management reporting and enterprise system implementation.
Business Analytics course picture singapore
In-House Course in Belgium, 2013

Monday, March 3, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Maximise the Full Potential of Your Dashboards through Visual Analytics (Course)

Graphical Insights for Business Intelligence
Make Sense of trends, patterns and exceptions for Business Intelligence
Power of Visual Perception
Understand the rules for displaying easily comprehensive information
Develop Interactive Dashboards
Using Excel, make changes on the fly
Top business analytics course in Singaporebest big data visual analytics course in singapore
The business of information management - helping organizations to make sense of their proliferating data - is known as Business Intelligence (BI). Central to all BI software is the ability to create dashboards. Dashboards offer an exciting new way to provide you, at a glance, with the critical information you must monitor to do your job. This 2-day course will teach participants how to DESIGN and DEVELOP.

Course Details
Date: 24 and 25 March 2014
Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Location: Cliftons Singapore
               Level 11, Finexis Building
               108 Robinson Road
               Singapore 068900
Fees: $1,008 (fully eligible for IRAS' PIC Bonus)

The Institute of Business Analytics (IBA) has to date trained over 5,000 participants in 10 countries. IBA's programmes have been, and are, attended by numerous CFOs, Finance Directors/Controllers, Accountants, Sales, Marketing, IT, HR and business leaders from leading organizations from around the word.

SG Corporate Training: Business Excellence Masterclass to Grow your Business (PIC Eligible Programme)

Do you want to make more money with less effort?
Do you want to free up your time to do more of what you want?
Do you want your business to run on auto-pilot?
If you want any of the above, you need to professionalize your business team .... 
CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) is pleased to inform that the first batch of participants in our Business Excellence Masterclass has successfully claimed for (and been paid) by IRAS under the Productivity and Innovation (PIC) Bonus scheme. The Business Excellence Masterclass is a unique intensive 1-Month programme with the specific objectives of equipping the business team with the technical knowledge and soft skills required to run and grow a business effectively. Combining a series of workshops, the programme is designed to increase the productivity of the business by enabling the business team to efficiently and effectively deal with core business issues related to the day-to-day running of the business.
PIC Eligible Programme for Singapore small and medium businesses

Conducted by qualified trainers, the Masterclass teaches the business team (a) PR and Branding; (b) Social Media Marketing; (c) Psychological Selling; (d) Customer Service Excellence; (e) Handling Difficult Customers; and (f) Store Window Display. Recognizing the time limitations of the business team, the workshops will be conducted over 4 Sundays with the group training sessions held on-site on the business premises during the week. These group training sessions are designed to ensure contextualization and implementation of the materials taught. 
Complementing the 52 hours of knowledge and skills training will be 4 Team Learning Sessions. These Team Learning Session are designed to strengthen the cohesiveness of the business team through the learning and application of group dynamic principles of "360 degree leadership", "personal accountability and group accountability", "conflict and nurturing cycles" and "team roles, rules and relationships". 
With close to 68 hours of training (of which 26 hours are personalized group training), the Business Excellence Masterclass is designed as a training programme small business owners can use to train their business team to achieve significant business and productivity breakthroughs.
Who Should Attend?
Employees responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. As the programme is designed to help the business team, the programme fees cover the training of up to 4 employees per company. Business Owners may sit-in to observe the training sessions, but it is not necessary as this is a hands-on programme teaching the "nuts and bolts".
To Sign-Up
To sign-up for our Business Excellence Masterclass, or to enquire about the programme and how the IRAS Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Bonus can be used to help you grow your business, email our Principal Consultant via Justin[a] Third-party financing is available (subject to approval).

Sunday, March 2, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Why Singapore Companies Cannot Afford NOT to Train Their Employees

To many Singapore SMEs, the concept of sending their employees for corporate training courses is a big no-no. These SMEs see training as a cost and believe that the responsibility to remain relevant in a changing economy is that of the employees'. While this may have been a valid approach in the 80's, 90's and even the early 2000's, things are now very different. The following are the 3 reasons why Singapore SMEs cannot afford to NOT train their employees.
Competitive Edge. The business environment is now highly dynamic and changes in technology can revolutionize entire industries overnight. Unless your employees are kept up-to-date on developments in your industry and how they can apply these new developments for the benefits of your clients, you can see yourself losing market share to the companies that are keeping up with the times.
Increased Productivity. As the Singapore economy, or even the world's economy for that matter, shifts from one driven by manufacturing to one driven by knowledge, the ability of employees to work as a team to synergies new information is becoming increasingly important. This ability to work well together does not happen by chance, but requires the development of high-levels of trust. Corporate Training courses on developing communication skills, inter-personal skills or even team-building exercises (as intervention) are thus needed to ensure the cultivation of the desired work environment.
Retention. Today's employees are no longer contented with just doing their work and getting paid. Many now consider personal development as important as professional development. Thus, unless a company can help an employee grow both professionally and personally, chances are the employee will seek a company that can. If you weight the recruitment and on-boarding costs against the cost of sending an employee for a training workshop, it makes good business sense to send the employee for corporate training.
In today's business world, corporate training is no longer a "good to have" for Singapore SMEs. SMEs who see the change and embrace it will reap the benefits, while those that don't will eventually pay the price. Corporate training is now an investment and no longer a cost.
SG Corporate Training is a Singapore-owned and operated training consultancy. Our role is to help HR and Training Managers organize corporate training sessions at the best value. For more information or a non-obligatory training needs assessment, contact our consultants via Justin[a]