Thursday, April 17, 2014

SG Corporate Training: Leadership Training Workshop for Managers

Corporations around the world are beginning to recognize the effectiveness of military leadership. In the competitive world of business, CEOs need mission focused managers who can understand their intent and then use their leadership skills to rally their team to work single-mindedly towards achieving the intent.

In a recent conversation about corporate leadership training with the CEO of a Singapore government-linked company (GLC), the CEO lamented the fact that many of his "civilian" managers only saw obstacles in any tasks he assigned. He contrasts this with the handful of ex-military officers in his company who work tirelessly to accomplish any task he assigns. While the ex-military managers may occasionally come across as abrasive, their mission first attitude is what drives the organization forward.

Besides the mission driven attitude, the CEO also sees strength in the leadership skills of these ex-military officers. This he attributes to the quality of the Singapore Armed Forces' (SAF) leadership training system which trains young conscripts to become effective leaders. The proof of the quality of the SAF's leadership training system is demonstrated by how young conscripts can effectively lead other soldiers to give their best in situations that involve great personal risks. As the workforce changes, and the war for talent continues, the need for better junior and middle managers will become increasingly important.

To tap on the one of the most effective leadership training program for junior and middle managers in Singapore, contact our training consultant via justin[a] Our trainers are former senior officers from the Singapore Armed Forces who have held command, staff and training appointments in leadership training schools of the military. SG Corporate Training's 1-Day Leadership Workshop will equip your company's junior and middle managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective leaders (and managers).

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