Monday, May 26, 2014

Personal Development Workshop: Bringing out the best in yourself with enneagram

Have you ever felt misunderstood at work or at home? Recall how frustrating it felt when you could not communicate or connect with those around you. Wishing that you can build stronger or lasting relationships.
Have you also ever wondered how to recognize your fullest potential? Or that you may be in a wrong career or job?
Wouldn’t it be great to know more about yourself and those around you? I’m sure it would be a wonderful feeling once you learn how to easily build compatible and fulfilling relationships. Imagine how life would be when you can find inner peace within yourself?
Workshop Objectives
At the end of the program, you will learn:
- Your own Unique Enneagram Type
- All nine Enneagram Personality Types
- The strengths and weaknesses of each Enneagram Personality Types in relation to cognitive, emotion and behavior
- Discover your personal values, communication style, fears, coping mechanism
- How each personality type or you might behave in a stressful or healthy condition
- How to move towards realizing your fullest potential
- How to use your Enneagram Type in your Career or Business
- How to connect and build stronger relationships
- The path to Inner Peace
What is Enneagram
The Enneagram (nine points) is a circumplex model of personality styles that maps nine points of view, nine emotional response patterns, and nine sets of behavioural trait-like tendencies. Each style has resourceful self-enhancing features which can become non-resourceful and self defeating if used excessively or exclusively. Balance involves functioning from the resourceful or high side of our core style while having access to the resources of all the styles.
The Enneagram can be extremely useful as a source of self-knowledge because it acts as a kind of "mirror" to reveal features of our personality that normally are invisible to us. Most of the time, people function habitually, as if on "automatic pilot," according to the pattern of their basic personality type. Usually this allows people to get along well enough in their lives, but when their normal routines break down or the stresses of their lives increase too much, their normal way of coping also tends to break down or become dysfunctional.

Personal Development Courses Singapore
Workshop Details
Date : 21st Jun (Sat) to 22nd Jun (Sun)
Time : 9am to 5pm
Investment: SGD $450 (NETT)
SGD $180 (Less PIC)
Subject to PIC eligibility criteria.
Investment includes: Your Unique Enneagram Type Report Handouts
To sign-up, email justin[a]
The Trainer
Name: LTC(NS) Adrian Toh
- Certified Enneagram, 6 Seconds EQ, MBTI Facilitator
- Certified NLP and NLP Coach Trainer with ABNLP
- Certified Time Line Therapy Trainer with TLT Association
- Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Youth
For more than six years, as a performance and life coach, Adrian assisted executives and individuals move towards their fullest potential via training, coaching, therapy or counselling. His training in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Enneagram allows him to identify deep rooted incidents from the past that were once the chains that held them from reaching their goals.
Being a father of four, ranging in age from 6 to 15. Adrian definitely has a way to relate and connect with the youth. His ability to understand and empathise with the challenges they face allows the youth to feel at ease and comfortable enough with him to open up and share. His family was featured in a TV documentary entitled “Meet My Family, Episode 2”. Adrian’s Purpose of being “a positive force in the world” has been the beacon to guide him to continually seek new skills and technologies that allow him to quicken the change process. He is also a volunteer with the Roman Catholic Prison Ministry.
Some of Adrian’s clients have been United Overseas Bank, AXA, Maybank, Singpost, NetApp Singapore, Grohe, Singapore Technologies, Employment and Employability Institute, Outokumpu, Anderson Junior College.
"Adrian was patient and the sessions with him were beneficial as he was able to help me to draw out a different perspective on how I perceived an event. The sessions are highly recommended for people who want to change their lives." ~ Lim Beng Hua, - Head, Core Banking, Personal Financial Services, UOB
"Adrian is a great coach. In one of our coaching sessions I told Adrian that I really wanted to have the ability to keep my energy, focus and motivation high to drive the company moving forward. What he did seemed like asking a series of deep reflective questions, and along the way helped me discover and resolve some inner obstacles using time-line therapy, and finally helped me realize what is truly important to me to achieve my outcome. Without knowing exactly why or how, I am now feeling a lot more energetic, focused and motivated at work. I think other than a great coach, Adrian is also a ‘magician’." ~ Thomas Handojo; Senior Vice President – Business Development, PCI Limited
"As a training consultant, Adrian value-adds with his years of experience in a leadership role. He is also very skilled in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and coaching/ counselling techniques. In designing training curriculum, he is meticulous in understanding the client's needs & customizes his training to suit the audience. He is accommodating & gives his 110% when he conducts training. As a coach, Adrian is disarming and encouraging to his coachees. He spends time to elicit deep-rooted issues and works with his coachees towards positive and empowering outcomes. He adds the personal touch as he is genuinely concerned in his coachees' development and progress. Personally, I have benefitted from my coaching sessions with Adrian as he has helped me to remove disempowering emotions. Now I'm enjoying more fulfilling relationships and experiencing an increase in my financial position as well! All thanks to Adrian!!!" ~ Sharon Woo, Head, Partnerships Distribution Academy, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore P.L.

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