Sunday, July 6, 2014

V3R - A template for managing team dynamics

In order to succeed in business today, individual ability is not enough. As our world becomes increasingly complex, developing and delivering solutions now require a multi-disciplinary approach. Working, or more importantly, performing as a team is thus fundamental to success.

One powerful and effective template that can be used to establish a high-performing team is the V3R - an acronym for Vision, Roles, Rules and Relationships. The V3R template is used to help teams (both old and newly formed) to establish the five processes of an effective team - Team leadership, Team communications, Team self-corrections, Mutual trust and Team orientation.

As a structure, the V3R is designed to align the team by forming a shared Vision and thereafter to establish a common understanding of each others' Roles, the Rules of the team and the Relationship between each role. The purpose of the latter being to minimize friction which will then improve performance.

Best Teambuilding Framework V3R
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