Saturday, November 8, 2014

Workshop: Overcome Negative Mindset

During the past few years, physiologists have been diligently exploring the functions of the brain (William James, 1884). Many theories stated that our emotions can be altered by a change of mind-sets such as the founder of Cognitive Behaviour Theory, Dr Albert Ellis, who proposed that therapists help people adjust their thinking and behavior as the treatment for emotional and behavioral problems. The rise of different thinking theories such as logical thinking, critical thinking, vertical thinking and parallel/lateral thinking, has indeed given more emphasis to brain and mind development in the corporate training as well. However, many cannot deny that the emotions within individuals can at times, or even more often, play a key role in our daily decision making.
Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross said that emotions need to complete their cycles. But for some reasons, adults choose to pent up, bottom up, suppress and repress their emotions. And this is very unhealthy and detrimental to their health and relationship with others. Any unattended negative emotion can lead to psychological issues and may also further lead to physical or mental problems. We are taught well in schools and society on how to process our thoughts logically and critically to solve many daily life and work-life situations. However, we are not taught in schools or by our parents on how to process and communicate our emotions. Comments such as “boys don’t cry” have impacted many men who do not share their emotions easily. Emotions that are under-developed would affect our relationship-building with one another.
The psychologists have discovered that our thoughts do affect our emotions, behaviours and decision making. Many of us even have hidden unhealthy thoughts that were sown during childhood time. We need to be made aware of these thoughts and be set free from their influences.
Only when we are able to manage ourselves better that we can better manage others and the world around us. Otherwise, many times, we are simply reactive to others and when situations arise, we then make decisions with hidden agenda known and unknown to us. When we experience a total freedom in our mindsets and emotions that have been locked us up for years, the decisions for many issues which we are facing will be crystal clear to us. We will also stop convincing ourselves of the wrong reasons on which the decisions are made.
Who Should Attend?
For all leaders and their staff that need to equip the skill of overcome the negative mind-set.
Key Takeaways
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
- Know your temperament
- Know your distorted thoughts
- Know how the distorted thoughts affect you
- Acquire techniques to overcome distorted thoughts
- Instill a reflective process to walk in freedom
- Start afresh with 21-day plan

Topics to be Covered
- Introduction
- Understand 18 temperaments
- Understand the relationship between thought and emotion
- Understand and Identify irrational thoughts
- Overcome irrational thoughts by Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
- Cultivate healthy thought patterns
- 21-day to walk free
Date: 12 December 2014
Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: TBA
Fee : S$650 (NETT)| S$260 (After PIC Cash) PIC Eligible
* Inclusive of tea breaks and lunch.
Mr Asher Eng MSc, P Dip, BSc, ACTA Asher has a Master Degree in Counselling from Monash University and graduated with a Computation Honours Degree in Bachelor of Science from University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology. He is an approved Advance Certificate & Training Assessment (ACTA) trainer, assessor and developer which is accredited by the Workforce Development Agency. In addition, he is a certified Behavioural and Career Consultant using the unique DISC and People-key Profiling, certificated practitioner of TJTA, and certified trainer of Prepare-Enrich to help individuals and corporations to realize personal potentials and assets within them. He is a certified coach and facilitator from Church Resource Ministries of Singapore , a certified executive coach from Marshall Goldsmith and a certified associate of Emergenetics Asia Pte Ltd. Lately, he has been endorsed by Ministry of Social and Family as a Triple P Parenting Program (from University of Queensland) instructor. For the past eleven years, he had been involved in non-profit organizations which gave him the opportunity to travel to South Africa, China, Taiwan and other parts of the world and provide consultation works and training to non-profit organizations in these countries. One of his core beliefs is to touch hearts and build strong family. He serves as a lay counsellor at Touch Community Services and is also a marriage preparation instructor. He is now overseeing 650 volunteers to touch lives around this land. He is actively promotion family education in schools and community.
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Workshop: Managing and Resolving Conflicts

Conflict is a necessary part of corporate life. It can arise from differences in opinion, objectives; or general miscommunication or simply disagreements.
There are two sides to a conflict – a decisive side and a disruptive side (which is where we very often get caught up in); but there are at least five dimensions to a conflict situation. Managing conflicts well and being able to resolve them successfully will improve organisational health, build conducive work environments and develop successful and productive teams. It can also prevent conflicts turning into dispute with ugly and costly consequences for the organisation and the people involved.
This interactive one-day workshop will equip participants with a greater understanding of the dynamics of conflicts, provide the basis for a decision and inclusive approach, and create a framework of concrete steps to manage and resolve potential and latent conflicts.
Who Should Attend
This workshop is for line managers, frontline executives or those in a leadership position who has to implement plans and make decisions, deal with discontentment and dissatisfaction, or is involved in managing and resolving corporate or organisation conflict situations.
Key Takeaways
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to Sharpened strategic awareness of the intricacies of a conflict situation and applying practical steps in the management and resolution of conflicts.
Topics to be Covered
The Anatomy of Conflicts
1. Why Conflicts Happen?
2. Understanding the Dynamics and Culture of Conflict.
3. What You Do Not Know Will Eat You Alive.
Taking the ‘Con’ Out of Conflict
1. Understanding Emotions and Prejudices.
2. Reading Between the Lines.
3. The Five Dimensions of Conflict.
Conflict Management and Resolution
1. Overcoming Inertia and Complacency.
2. Facilitating Conflict Resolution.
3. Compassion and Closure.

 Date: 21 Nov 2014
Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: Hotel Concorde, 100 Orchard Road
Fee : S$550 (NETT)| S$220 (After PIC Cash) PIC Eligible
* Inclusive of tea breaks and lunch.
The Trainer
Mr Chow Wen Hing G.Dip T&D, BSc, ACTA, ACPT Mr Chow Wen Hing’s professional career spanned more than 20 years, ten of which was working with managers, junior executives and frontline staff in a leadership position. During his stewardship, he played a pivotal role in bringing together a diverse group of associates in high value projects, completing the projects while achieving team success and satisfaction. He has worked with service organisations such as DFS Galleria Singapore, KPMG Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank, government ministries and educational institutions; and built his extensive experience, insight and mastery over the subject matter in a corporate and organisational setting. Mr Chow obtained his Bachelor’s degree in business and communication from SIM University 1, a Graduate Diploma in Training and Development 2, is ACTA 3-trained and is a Certified Professional Trainer 2; and currently trains and lectures on subjects in business, management, communications and personal development.
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