Monday, December 7, 2015

Workshop: Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Demographics are changing and today's workforce comprises individuals from multiple generations. Complicating matters is that the supervisors are usually younger than their employees. Without proper training, unnecessary friction will exists and employers will not be able to maximize the knowledge from the experienced workers.

multi generational workplace workshop

One cardinal rule that must exist for a multi-generational workforce to thrive is the "respect the appointment and respect the experience" rule. Under this rule, all team members acknowledge and give the due respect to the supervisor regardless of his or her age or level of experience. In return, the supervisor acknowledges her subordinates for his or her experience and gives them the due respect. By mutually acknowledging each other's position and strength, the team will be better able to function together.

The multi-generational workforce will become the norm in the near future. Companies that want to be remain competitive need to equip their managers and their employees with the right tools and mental frames to successfully integrate with each other.

CW Fong & Associates has developed a half-day team building workshop that will help teams do just that. For more information, email anna[a]

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Facilitation: Use of Open Space Technology

One of the primary problems in using facilitation as a tool to understand the issues affecting an organization is that the organiser generally presets the agenda. At the planning stage, management and the facilitator usually determine the issues that they think affect the organization, and then develop a programme for participants to discuss those issues. Often times, the issues discussed are those that management feels is important, and not what people in the organization feel is important.

This is where the use of Open Space Technology (OST) becomes the facilitation tool of choice. What happens during an OST session is that a convening question is posed and participants are then free to discuss any issue they feel is important that is related to the question.

Used correctly, OST is designed to allow the real issues and concerns to get raised. Once raised, participants then organically discuss and derive solutions to the problem (if that is the desired end-state) or the issues and concerns can be harvested for management's attention. The OST mode of facilitation was used effectively by the Singapore government when they held their series of Our Singapore Conversations (OSC). During the OSC series, Singaporeans' real concerns about the direction of the country surfaced and the government took the necessary actions to address it.

Organizations that are keen to discover the real issues and concerns affecting their employees can consider using the OST methodology. Additionally, when self-alignment (especially during mergers and acquisitions) is needed, OST also works well in this scenario.

To find out how OST can be used to benefit your organization, email anna[a]

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Seminars in Singapore: Intuitive Leadership - 8 Jan 2016

Rejuvenating and insightful, the Intuitive Leadership workshop is designed to help empower you to take charge of your life as a leader – both professionally and personally.  Conducted by Ana Holub (author, peace advocator and forgiveness counselor) and Philip Merry (author, international coach, UN facilitator and certified HeartMath facilitator), you would be provided with the ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ in which you could tap into your intuitive mind, unleash the infinite wisdom within you and engage in intuitive leadership.

Intuitive wisdom has been revered throughout the ages.  Call it sixth sense, a hunch, a gut feel or an inner voice; it is a deep and powerful source of truth.  It is profound wisdom that manifests itself in practical ways.
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein
In today’s world, we are often bombarded with incoming data.  Being overwhelmed by information can cloud our clarity and create more confusion.  We must rely on our intuition to make sound decisions – this is what great leaders do.  They active instinctively, spontaneously – they claim their intuitive leadership.
How would you like to REPLACE …
  • Frustrations, anger, anxiety and stress
  • Confusion and clouded judgments
  • Fire-fighting and infighting at work
  • Harmful and draining relationships
  • Damaging recurring patterns
  • Being trapped in a vicious cycle
  • Feelings of being stuck and defeated
  • Sleep deprivation and depletion of energy
  • Low self-esteem
  • Ability to obtain clarity and focus
  • Enhancement to sound decision-making
  • Optimal effectiveness, productivity and resilience
  • Healthy, happy and fruitful relationships
  • Establishment of new life-giving patterns
  • Enjoyment of overall well-being
  • A renewed sense of aliveness, freedom & purpose
  • Feeling energetic and full of vitality
  • An increased level of self-confidence
Come join us in this workshop and find out how you can bring your heart into alignment through intuition and coherence techniques. Sign up.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Leadership Insights - Management by Walking Around

Why Leaders Should Leave Their Desks, Know Their People And Seek Their Feedback!
Inspiring and innovative CEO, Peter Aceto, has a unique style of leadership and management. Aceto differs from many conventional CEOs because he's active on social media, seeks his clients and staff feedback and genuinely enjoys making his company a enjoyable place to work and do business.

Aceto does many things right. But two things that I feel are worth sharing is his desire for genuine interactions and feedback.
Genuine Interactions. Aceto acknowledges that most business CEOs enjoy making themselves as inaccessible as possible, hiding behind closed doors and big tables. But that kind of behaviour drives a wedge between employees and management - leading to a "us vs them" culture. Instead, Aceto lives by the adage - "people don't care much you know till they know how much you care". Aceto create authentic, genuine and personal interactions with his staff, taking an active interest in how they are doing both in life and work - so his staff and people see him as a REAL person. Aceto has found that the more in-person genuine interactions he has with the people, the stronger the company culture, the more people are willing to invest in the organization and the better everything runs!
Getting and Taking Feedback. Another things that Aceto does is truly amazing and blows my mind. After one year as CEO, Aceto sent out an email to the whole organization, asking them to vote if he should continue to be CEO of the company. The vote would be anonymous. He wanted a genuine appraisal of how he was doing in the eyes of his people. 97% of the people agreed that he should continue. This is just one of the many things Aceto has used to get a feel of how things truly run on the ground, and how things can be improved.
The more I learn about how Aceto runs his company, the more I see how his leadership principles can be used to help companies move forward and do better. I urge everyone to check him out and more importantly, to use some of what he teaches to revolutionize your organization. The world is rapidly changing, and the old school of leadership too needs a revamp.
Peter's methods are just the answer.
For workshops, seminars or in-house training programmes by our management consultants, do contact SG Corporate Training at anna[a]

Friday, October 9, 2015

Networking Workshop in Singapore - 12 Nov 2015

Learn How to Build a Network of Relationships That Drives Your Continuous Success

Do you wonder how some people seem to just snap their fingers and people run to help them? Maybe they need some help promoting a new product, raising funds for a charity, finding a new job, or just getting an introduction to that potential big client. 

They simply spread the word in their network and they get RESULTS.

Well, that's not luck, that's what we call  Gamechanger Networking. And it's a skill you can learn and excel.

People are not born as experts at networking. It takes CONSISTENCY and PERSEVERANCE

Gamechanger networkers use a proven system and implement it religiously.

In Beyond Handshake Workshop, we've broken down that system for you step-by-step.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

* Approach your networking with a clear goal in mind - Without a goal, you're just busy making more friends
* Evaluate your current skill set - It's not just a matter of who can help YOU
* Engage people with your story - But not every story fits every situation
* Identify who you should be networking with - It's not as obvious as you think
* Have a networking conversation with ease - Know what you're going to say before you say it
* Follow-up after your networking conversations - Put your systems in place
* Create a Game Plan for your networking - Deadlines and action plans mean results
* Establish specific metrics for evaluating your results - And determine your next course of action

You’ll also learn tips for keeping yourself motivated and in the right mindset for networking. And, you'll get a Workbook to take notes and complete the activities at the end of each section, along with some unexpected bonuses and pleasant surprises :)

Want the specifics? Here are the topics we will cover...

^ Module 1: What is Gamechanger Networking?
^ Module 2: The Key to Successful Gamechanger Networking - Defining Your Purpose
^ Module 3: Evaluating Your Skills for Effective Gamechanger Networking
^ Module 4: Get Your Story Straight – Crafting a Story for Successful Networking
^ Module 5: Who’s Who – Identifying Your Target Networking Prospects
^ Module 6: Gamechanger Networking – What to Say and How to Say it
^ Module 7: Gamechanger Networking Follow-Up Strategies and Etiquette
^ Module 8: A Power Plan for Your Gamechanger Networking 
^ Module 9: Measuring Your Networking Results
^ Module 10: Maintaining a Positive Mindset for Gamechanger Networking

By the end of the course, you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner. But don't beat yourself up. Decide today. And before long, you'll have a constantly growing network of relationships to help drive your own success.

Business owners, sales and marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Isn't it time you invested a small amount of time in the most an important part of YOUR business?

MERVIN YEO - Networking Evangelist, Speaker, Author

A serial entrepreneur since 1996, Mervin has co-owned numerous businesses like employment, publishing, business consulting and social enterprise. He sits on several advisory boards including a next-generation integrated venture capital firm. Under his 13-year leadership as the Singapore National Director of the world’s largest networking organisation specialising in referrals, members passed referrals which generated an annual average of USD20 million worth of business for each other.

Over the last 16 years, through his speaking, consulting and training programmes, Mervin has shown over ten thousand business owners and marketing professionals in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines a systematic and effective approach to referral marketing. Hailed a "Networking Guru" by a Straits Times reporter, he has been on NewsRadio 93.8 including The Living Room and Positive Business Minutes, was featured in Zaobao and SME Magazine and is a regular contributor to Straits Times Recruit.

A contributing author in the New York Times best-seller Masters of Networking, he is consulted by leaders of networking organisations. A Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, he is co-author of Turning Ideas Into Profit, and author of Purposeful Networking For Introverts as well as I Can Connect – An Introvert’s Handbook To Stress-Free Networking.” 

Limited Seats! Get Started TODAY! eMail anna[a]

Monday, October 5, 2015

Leadership Insights - The Leader Always Sets the Pace ....

The Leader Always Sets The Pace

leadership team-building singapore

I've been doing some team-building work recently and you might be familiar with the 4 stages of team-building, namely forming, norming, storming and performing.

But they don't tell you is that in every stage, the leader is in charge and has to hold the context. Yup, even for stages like storming!

As a leader, your job is to hold the context so the people can evolve and naturally come together to work for the benefit of the group. At the start, you give them the space to know each other.

Then they start to get used to the way things work ... and then it's the time to start discussing how to take things to the next level.

Most leaders are afraid of storming because they dislike conflict. But it's not really conflict conflict if the leader holds the space so the people can talk things out, find resolutions and discuss ways to improve matters.

It's only a full-blown issue if there are no rules and everyone goes from being constructive to being personal, switching from improvements to insults.

In those situations, it's almost always because the leader went MIA and did not hold the context for the group to evolve.

Perturbation is a concept I picked up from different people I've learnt from, and it simply says that to get to a higher level, we need to be placed under pressure.

Conflict or storming is not a "bad" stage ... it's the best thing that can happen to a group - provided the leader is strong and present.

If so, the group can safely take a leap forward and shift gears into performing.

The leader always sets the pace.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

In-House Workshop: 1-Day Inter-Personal and Workplace Effectiveness

1-Day Inter-Personal and Workplace Effectiveness Workshop

1. Inter-personal effectiveness is not about what you say or what you do. If it were, being effective would be as simple as following an instruction manual. One common mistake that many make, when attempting to influence another's behavior, is to use the approach of correcting or motivating. In these approaches, the individual relies on a combination of lectures and/ or rewards and punishment to elicit the desired behavior. While I do not disagree that these approaches do work, they however do not work all the time and I believe that during the times that they did work, there was something "deeper" that enabled it. And it is this something "deeper" which the workshop will teach participants.
2. In today's world, the knowledge worker is your organization's strategic edge over your competitors. An employee who not only performs his specified tasks, but performs his tasks with an understanding of the meaning and intent behind it will be more effective and deliver the type of service quality which will make your organization stand-out. This workshop is designed to help your employees discover and understand the meaning and intent behind their roles and to subsequently help them reframe their thinking so that they can better serve your organization's customers.
What will Participants Learn
3. At the end of the workshop, participants will:
- understand the source of their influence
- understand how they contribute to conflicts and how to break the cycle
- understand how to influence lasting change
- understand how to be an effective employee
- understand their REAL role in the organization and how they can value-add to the organization
How will Participants Learn
4. Participants will learn via a series of presentation, practical exercises and group discussions.
Email anna[a]

Networking Event: For personal and professional development

In today's dynamic business environment, personal and professional success is often dependent on who you know rather than what you know. Learning how to network and then proactively networking is therefore an important career success skill that all must gain.
GAMECHANGER is a well-programmed SME business networking event organised especially for business owners to get connected for business opportunities and gain knowledge on business competencies through talks delivered by experts and presentations by entrepreneurs and networking activities.
Talk on "A Learning Approach From Opportunity To Action In Developing & Growing A Business" by Roland Kiew, Principal Consultant, Learning 4 Action P.L.
 + Experienced & passionate trainer, lecturer and management consultant
 + Conducted various client-based training programs both locally and overseas
 + More than 25 years of experience in business development & industrial training and in entrepreneurial startups
+ Varied work experience: developmental projects, supporting business initiatives of industry partners and government agencies
 + Holds a MBA from Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) and a BSc in Economics and Management from the University of London, UK
Date: 30 Sep 2015 (Wed)
Time: 6:30 to 9:30pm
Programme includes light dinner reception, knowledge sharing by guest speaker, networking activities and business presentations.
Fees (includes light dinner): S$25. Walk-in: S$40
Venue: Seminar Room, #07-10 First Centre, 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore 555856
Limited Seats! Register today via

Monday, June 29, 2015

Management Lesson: Why Flat Organizations Fail!

As the business and employment environments change, many organizations are experimenting with a flat reporting structure for increased responsiveness to competition, as well as to "engage" employees. While the concept is good and valid, there must however still be hierarchy in a flat organization. Allow me to explain why ...

1. Span of control. As an organization grows, more employees are needed to cope with increasing business demands. While the boss may wish to exercise control over everything that is happening, he or she is only human and has only 24 hours a day and a finite attention span. Attempting to do everything not only slows things down (which is counter to the intent of having a flat organization), but also degrades the quality of decision due to the inability to devote full attention to everything that is happening.

2. Responsibility and Authority. Supervisors vested with the responsibility to ensure that their team achieve organizational goals must also be given the authority to manage his or her team via the "power" to reward and/ or punish. In a work environment where employees can freely by-pass the Team Leads and speak directly with the CEO, there is responsibility but no authority. The challenge arises when the employee begins to see the Team Lead as an obstacle and works around the Team Lead. In such a situation, the Team Leads will be ineffective and the organization's performance will suffer as a result of point #1.

In short, CEOs must acknowledge that they are only human and therefore have limitations when it comes to managing a growing organization. While it is addictive to be a popular boss, CEOs must ensure that their Team Leads are given authority matching their responsibility. Anecdotal evidence suggests that CEOs are oblivious to the damage they are causing and the difficulties they are creating when they allow employees to by-pass their Team Leads.

Flat organizations are important in today's economy and the strengths of a nimble and open work environment cannot be ignored. As is often the case, the devils are in the details and there must still be hierarchy in a flat organization.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Workshop: EPIC - Expo for Property, Investing & Crowdfunding

Expo for Property, Investing & Crowdfunding (EPIC) is a yearly event where the company aims to match investors and opportunity providers from around the region.The purpose of this event is to promote greater awareness on crowdfunding in Asia, it also aims to bring greater transparency to how crowdfunding can fit into the entire financing ecosystem.

EPIC is a 2 days event. Day 1 (Fri) is a trade conference & Day 2 (Sat) is a public event.

The trade conference is a B2B segment with the following objectives:
Promote the concept of crowdfunding among stakeholders
Generate business opportunities through networking programs
Exchange ideas on crowdfunding through breakout discussion sessions
Help businesses raise funds through the Speed Networking Session (SNS)

The public event is a B2C segment with the following objective:
- Promote the concept of crowdfunding among members of the public
- Help regional businesses raise awareness with members of the public

For special ticket price, email anna(a)
investment workshop singapore

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Visual Techniques for Impactful Group Outcomes (1-Day Workshop) (10 April 2015)

Visuals provide visual clarity, helps focus on the topic at hand, enables one to see linkages and the Big Picture, as well as provoke the creative thinking process in groups.  Used confidently and appropriately, visuals help groups chart their learning and be engaged in the topic at hand.
visual communications course in Singapore
The 1-day workshop on 10 April 2015 will cover:
- Impact of Visuals in Facilitation and Learning
- Quick sketches for maximum impact on Drawing basic shapes, borders, people, and creative lettering
- Principles of Graphic Facilitation and Basic Graphic Recording
The hands-on workshop will include a starter kit of quality materials for participants to begin their Graphic Facilitation journey.
Workshop Learning Objectives:
- to enable participants to use Visual Techniques to engage groups during facilitation and training, and
- to reawaken participants’ dormant visual skills in sketching and note-taking.
Workshop Methodology:
- Small group - max 18 participants
- Hands-on
- Group discussions
- Use of sticky notepads, templates, graphic techniques
- Modeling and working on Walls
Workshop Fees: S$638.00
- 1-Day Workshop
- Workshop Materials
- Lunch & refreshments
- Post-workshop Record of Outputs in PDF
- Inclusive of personal Visual Starter kit worth over S$150: a set of 18 coloured markers, a box of chalk pastels, 2B pencil, plastic eraser, a set of photo cards, paper tube carrier, a variety of sticky notepads, and a coloured-printed Course Workbook.
For enquires, contact anna[a]

Monday, March 2, 2015

Personal Development Workshop: Living A Powerful Life With NLP (14 March 2015)

Personal Development Workshop on 14 March 2015 by Adrian Toh, Founder of Success Frontiers. Adrian is a "Happiness Coach" and a guy who really cares.
My name is Adrian, and years ago I found myself unhappy, dis-satisfied - and not knowing why. I was an LTC in the army and I found myself stressed out at work.
When I went home, I found it equally challenging to relate to my 4 kids who were growing up quickly. Something was not quite right, but I didn't know what or why.
By chance, I attended a workshop, and that was the first time I heard the words "NLP". I must admit - at first, I was skeptical.
Are you telling me that if I change my thoughts with this NLP brain technology, I can change my life?"
But after the workshop, I left with one thought - "why not give it a shot?" After all, my life wasn't really where I wanted it to be. I had nothing to lose.
I Started To Understand Myself and Others Using The Power of NLP
I started to apply some of the things I learnt about NLP in my everyday life, and the funny thing is almost immediately I began to see results.
First, I started to understand people a lot more. It was like I was walking in their shoes and seeing the world the way they viewed it.
And by using the right type of language, I was able to communicate with them more effectively. Suddenly, work wasn't so hard. And back home, my kids were more open to listening to me.
I felt really encouraged and I decided to use my new-found NLP knowledge too to better understand myself.
I quickly found out that I had a lot of non-helpful beliefs (limiting beliefs) and thoughts swimming in my head, and it was these thoughts that were robbing me of happiness and success.
I started to root these thoughts out, and actively replaced them with more supportive beliefs. And my life began to change.
I Found My True Passion, Became Happier And Made A Lot More Money!
I realized that my passion was making a difference in people's life through coaching and I left the force to pursue that. I would never have found my passion or discovered the courage to make it a reality without NLP.
But NLP helped me use my mind in new, supportive ways - and I found that no matter what new challenges I faced while creating this new life, I was always able to overcome them.
Fast forward till today, I wake up everyday doing what I love ... I've helped countless people make breakthroughs in their life
I've written my first-ever Happiness report and I'm making more money than before. NLP has changed my life.
Give Me 4 Hours and I'll Show You How I Did It!
I know if you've read this far, you are just like me. You are interested in enjoying a better life - one where you are happier, having better relationships, making more money and making a difference.
I would love to explain how I did it ... and show you how you can do it for yourself.
This is why I created a 4-hr workshop called "Living A Powerful Life With NLP".  You'll learn how to:
 - Use the power of your mind to achieve the goals you want every time!
 - Get rid of negative thoughts that limit your performance ... and replace them with beliefs that support you
 - Stay calm under pressure ... so you are always in control and never stressed
 - Discover how you can create your best life ever!
 - Build instant rapport with people from all walks of life ... and have them listen to you
 ... and more
Your Investment for the workshop is only $60 and you'll receive a workbook as well.
I conduct my workshops in a fun, interactive way - and I'm certain you'll not only learn a lot, you'll have fun doing so. So look forward to a great time!
Grab This Opportunity, Come Down And Learn How To Lead A Better Life With NLP!
I sometimes struggle to think what my life would be like if I didn't attend that workshop on NLP all those years ago.
Maybe I'll still be stressed out and unhappy at my desk. I know one thing is for sure - I wouldn't have the joy, the happiness and the energy I have today.
My life is better thanks to NLP.
And if you learn the techniques I'll share with you ... you too can enjoy an amazing life.
So grab this opportunity, and I'll see you at the workshop!
Best Regards,

P.S. I don't do this workshop often, and people often tell me what a great choice it was to come down and attend it.
Don't let this chance slip because I'm very busy these days, and I have no idea when I can do this again. Grab this opportunity while you can. Believe me, it's well worth it.
P.P.S. Here's what people have to say about my workshops
"Adrian is great and knowledgeable, fun and willing to share. The conduct of the session were professionally done, intersperse with fun activities. Great fun."
Hung Ching Pien
Director Joint Logistic Department, MHA
"As a training consultant, Adrian value-adds with his years of experience in a leadership role. He is also very skilled in Neuro-linguistic Programming and coaching/counseling techniques.  In designing training curriculum, he is meticulous in understanding the client's needs & customizes his training to suit the audience. He is accommodating & gives his 110% when he conducts training."
Sharon Woo
Head, Partnerships Distribution Academy

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore P.L.

To find out more, or to sign-up, email anna[a]

Monday, January 12, 2015

Personal Development Course: Overcome Negative Mindset - 27th February 2015 (Friday)

OVERCOME NEGATIVE MINDSET  - 27th February 2015 (Friday)
Executive Summary
During the past few years, physiologists have been diligently exploring the functions of the brain (William James, 1884). Many theories stated that our emotions can be altered by a change of mind-sets such as the founder of Cognitive Behaviour Theory, Dr Albert Ellis, who proposed that therapists help people adjust their thinking and behavior as the treatment for emotional and behavioral problems. The rise of different thinking theories such as logical thinking, critical thinking, vertical thinking and parallel/lateral thinking, has indeed given more emphasis to brain and mind development in the corporate training as well. However, many cannot deny that the emotions within individuals can at times, or even more often, play a key role in our daily decision making. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross said that emotions need to complete their cycles. But for some reasons, adults choose to pent up, bottom up, suppress and repress their emotions. And this is very unhealthy and detrimental to their health and relationship with others. Any unattended negative emotion can lead to psychological issues and may also further lead to physical or mental problems. We are taught well in schools and society on how to process our thoughts logically and critically to solve many daily life and work-life situations. However, we are not taught in schools or by our parents on how to process and communicate our emotions. Comments such as “boys don’t cry” have impacted many men who do not share their emotions easily. Emotions that are under-developed would affect our relationship-building with one another. The psychologists have discovered that our thoughts do affect our emotions, behaviours and decision making. Many of us even have hidden unhealthy thoughts that were sown during childhood time. We need to be made aware of these thoughts and be set free from their influences. Only when we are able to manage ourselves better that we can better manage others and the world around us. Otherwise, many times, we are simply reactive to others and when situations arise, we then make decisions with hidden agenda known and unknown to us. When we experience a total freedom in our mindsets and emotions that have been locked us up for years, the decisions for many issues which we are facing will be crystal clear to us. We will also stop convincing ourselves of the wrong reasons on which the decisions are made.
Who Should Attend
For all leaders and their staff that need to equip the skill of overcome the negative mind-set.
Key Takeaways
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
- Know your temperament
- Know your distorted thoughts
- Know how the distorted thoughts affect you
- Acquire techniques to overcome distorted thoughts
- Instill a reflective process to walk in freedom
- Start afresh with 21-day plan
Topics to be Covered
- Introduction
- Understand 18 temperaments
- Understand the relationship between thought and emotion
- Understand and Identify irrational thoughts
- Overcome irrational thoughts by Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
- Cultivate healthy thought patterns
- 21-day to walk free
- Identify your temperament (18 dimensions of personality - 9 bipolar traits)
- Identify distorted thoughts and thinking patterns
- Lean how to process your emotions and not to be affected by your negative thoughts
- Overcome the negative thoughts and emotions by different techniques
- Counsel yourself and others out of the situation
- Know your hidden agenda for decision making
- Walk as a free man in 21 days
Information and Registration
Date: 27 February 2015 (Friday)
Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: TBA
Fee: S$650 (NETT)| S$260 (After PIC Cash)
* Inclusive of tea breaks and lunch.
For enquiries, please email anna[a]
(Note: Companies can claim up to 400% tax deductions or 60% cash payout of total training expenditure under the IRAS Productivity & Innovation Scheme. Terms & Conditions apply.)