Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Visual Techniques for Impactful Group Outcomes (1-Day Workshop) (10 April 2015)

Visuals provide visual clarity, helps focus on the topic at hand, enables one to see linkages and the Big Picture, as well as provoke the creative thinking process in groups.  Used confidently and appropriately, visuals help groups chart their learning and be engaged in the topic at hand.
visual communications course in Singapore
The 1-day workshop on 10 April 2015 will cover:
- Impact of Visuals in Facilitation and Learning
- Quick sketches for maximum impact on Drawing basic shapes, borders, people, and creative lettering
- Principles of Graphic Facilitation and Basic Graphic Recording
The hands-on workshop will include a starter kit of quality materials for participants to begin their Graphic Facilitation journey.
Workshop Learning Objectives:
- to enable participants to use Visual Techniques to engage groups during facilitation and training, and
- to reawaken participants’ dormant visual skills in sketching and note-taking.
Workshop Methodology:
- Small group - max 18 participants
- Hands-on
- Group discussions
- Use of sticky notepads, templates, graphic techniques
- Modeling and working on Walls
Workshop Fees: S$638.00
- 1-Day Workshop
- Workshop Materials
- Lunch & refreshments
- Post-workshop Record of Outputs in PDF
- Inclusive of personal Visual Starter kit worth over S$150: a set of 18 coloured markers, a box of chalk pastels, 2B pencil, plastic eraser, a set of photo cards, paper tube carrier, a variety of sticky notepads, and a coloured-printed Course Workbook.
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Personal Development Workshop: Living A Powerful Life With NLP (14 March 2015)

Personal Development Workshop on 14 March 2015 by Adrian Toh, Founder of Success Frontiers. Adrian is a "Happiness Coach" and a guy who really cares.
My name is Adrian, and years ago I found myself unhappy, dis-satisfied - and not knowing why. I was an LTC in the army and I found myself stressed out at work.
When I went home, I found it equally challenging to relate to my 4 kids who were growing up quickly. Something was not quite right, but I didn't know what or why.
By chance, I attended a workshop, and that was the first time I heard the words "NLP". I must admit - at first, I was skeptical.
Are you telling me that if I change my thoughts with this NLP brain technology, I can change my life?"
But after the workshop, I left with one thought - "why not give it a shot?" After all, my life wasn't really where I wanted it to be. I had nothing to lose.
I Started To Understand Myself and Others Using The Power of NLP
I started to apply some of the things I learnt about NLP in my everyday life, and the funny thing is almost immediately I began to see results.
First, I started to understand people a lot more. It was like I was walking in their shoes and seeing the world the way they viewed it.
And by using the right type of language, I was able to communicate with them more effectively. Suddenly, work wasn't so hard. And back home, my kids were more open to listening to me.
I felt really encouraged and I decided to use my new-found NLP knowledge too to better understand myself.
I quickly found out that I had a lot of non-helpful beliefs (limiting beliefs) and thoughts swimming in my head, and it was these thoughts that were robbing me of happiness and success.
I started to root these thoughts out, and actively replaced them with more supportive beliefs. And my life began to change.
I Found My True Passion, Became Happier And Made A Lot More Money!
I realized that my passion was making a difference in people's life through coaching and I left the force to pursue that. I would never have found my passion or discovered the courage to make it a reality without NLP.
But NLP helped me use my mind in new, supportive ways - and I found that no matter what new challenges I faced while creating this new life, I was always able to overcome them.
Fast forward till today, I wake up everyday doing what I love ... I've helped countless people make breakthroughs in their life
I've written my first-ever Happiness report and I'm making more money than before. NLP has changed my life.
Give Me 4 Hours and I'll Show You How I Did It!
I know if you've read this far, you are just like me. You are interested in enjoying a better life - one where you are happier, having better relationships, making more money and making a difference.
I would love to explain how I did it ... and show you how you can do it for yourself.
This is why I created a 4-hr workshop called "Living A Powerful Life With NLP".  You'll learn how to:
 - Use the power of your mind to achieve the goals you want every time!
 - Get rid of negative thoughts that limit your performance ... and replace them with beliefs that support you
 - Stay calm under pressure ... so you are always in control and never stressed
 - Discover how you can create your best life ever!
 - Build instant rapport with people from all walks of life ... and have them listen to you
 ... and more
Your Investment for the workshop is only $60 and you'll receive a workbook as well.
I conduct my workshops in a fun, interactive way - and I'm certain you'll not only learn a lot, you'll have fun doing so. So look forward to a great time!
Grab This Opportunity, Come Down And Learn How To Lead A Better Life With NLP!
I sometimes struggle to think what my life would be like if I didn't attend that workshop on NLP all those years ago.
Maybe I'll still be stressed out and unhappy at my desk. I know one thing is for sure - I wouldn't have the joy, the happiness and the energy I have today.
My life is better thanks to NLP.
And if you learn the techniques I'll share with you ... you too can enjoy an amazing life.
So grab this opportunity, and I'll see you at the workshop!
Best Regards,

P.S. I don't do this workshop often, and people often tell me what a great choice it was to come down and attend it.
Don't let this chance slip because I'm very busy these days, and I have no idea when I can do this again. Grab this opportunity while you can. Believe me, it's well worth it.
P.P.S. Here's what people have to say about my workshops
"Adrian is great and knowledgeable, fun and willing to share. The conduct of the session were professionally done, intersperse with fun activities. Great fun."
Hung Ching Pien
Director Joint Logistic Department, MHA
"As a training consultant, Adrian value-adds with his years of experience in a leadership role. He is also very skilled in Neuro-linguistic Programming and coaching/counseling techniques.  In designing training curriculum, he is meticulous in understanding the client's needs & customizes his training to suit the audience. He is accommodating & gives his 110% when he conducts training."
Sharon Woo
Head, Partnerships Distribution Academy

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore P.L.

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