Monday, December 7, 2015

Workshop: Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Demographics are changing and today's workforce comprises individuals from multiple generations. Complicating matters is that the supervisors are usually younger than their employees. Without proper training, unnecessary friction will exists and employers will not be able to maximize the knowledge from the experienced workers.

multi generational workplace workshop

One cardinal rule that must exist for a multi-generational workforce to thrive is the "respect the appointment and respect the experience" rule. Under this rule, all team members acknowledge and give the due respect to the supervisor regardless of his or her age or level of experience. In return, the supervisor acknowledges her subordinates for his or her experience and gives them the due respect. By mutually acknowledging each other's position and strength, the team will be better able to function together.

The multi-generational workforce will become the norm in the near future. Companies that want to be remain competitive need to equip their managers and their employees with the right tools and mental frames to successfully integrate with each other.

CW Fong & Associates has developed a half-day team building workshop that will help teams do just that. For more information, email anna[a]

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