Thursday, March 17, 2016

NOK Management in a Crisis

NOK, or Next of Kin, management is an important but often neglected part of crisis management.

Besides ensuring that the NOK's need for information and support does not hinder or impact the crisis management plan, effective NOK management is necessary for reputation management. Case in point being MINDEF's poor handling of the death of Dominique Sarron Lee which has led to extremely negative publicity for the Government.

One of the key principles of NOK management is the deployment of Family Liaison Officers (FLO) to support and care for the affected families during their grief process. With trained FLOs pro-actively engaging the families, anger towards the organization can be managed such that it does not fester into unnecessary behaviors like lawsuits.
As a concept, NOK Management requires the FLOs to be pro-active in engaging the NOKs, sensitive towards their needs while demonstrating compassion and respect.
NOK Management crisis singapore
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